Best Image Plugins to Compress, Optimize Your WordPress Site

6 Best Image Plugins to Compress, Optimize Your WordPress Site

Do you want to Compress, Optimize your images with plugins on Your WordPress site

Part of Search engine optimization(SEO) is image compression and optimization. And that is why you need to read on best plugins for optimization and compression of images on WordPress.

As we all know that WordPress comes with lots of plugins which works on your website for betterment of users and searchers including fast speeds and performance. In this content, we will show you the best image plugins you can use on your website.

Reason why you need Image Optimization plugin on WordPress


Image optimization helps in improving page load speed, boosts websites’ SEO ranking, and improves user experience. It also helps to compress big files on your website. It also engage more users to interact on your website. The best way to do this is by using Photoshop or another image editing software before you upload the image to WordPress. This gives you a lot more control on the quality of images on your website.

But still, we still struggle to satisfy search engine for optimization because it take time and energy to edit one single images. And that is why we have plugins for image optimization. These plugins optimize your images by automatically compressing them and using the smaller sized version on your website.

Best Image plugins for Compression and Optimization

Smush pro

WP Smush pro is a WordPress plugin that allows you to optimize images without losing the image quality. WP Smush is very easy to use, and you can optimize your images on the fly as you upload them to your WordPress site. It is one of the trusted Optimize plugins for beginners.

For your older images you can go to Media » WP Smush to bulk smush images at a time. If you are uploading a 5 MB photograph to your WordPress site, then WP Smush reduces it by 10-20% without losing quality. It is still 4.5 to 4.7MB file, which is huge.

Shortpixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel plugin is an easy to use, lightweight, install-and-forget-about-it image optimization plugin that can compress all your past images and PDF documents with a single click. New images are automatically resized/rescaled and optimized on the fly, in the background. It is one of the most image compressed plugin on WordPress because it optimize your images and you forget about it. ShortPixel is packed with advanced features and gives you the ability to choose comparison formats.


Optimole is the all-in-one solution to all of your image optimization needs. With full automation and a range of evolutionary features, Optimole makes it easy to clean up your heavy images and bloaty pages. Optimole optimizes your images in real-time with a cloud-based system to speed up your website and deliver high-quality images perfectly sized for every device. Optimole keeps your images’ details safe. Optimole best free image optimizer available.


Imagify is the most advanced tool to optimize images. After enabling it, all your images including thumbnails will be automatically optimized when uploaded into WordPress. You can also use Imagify to convert WebP images, which will additionally reduce the size of your website making it faster. Even wpRocket recommend it for users.

re is a free API that provides image optimization. has been used on the most common CMS WordPress Moreover, is the most used image optimization API with more than 6 billions images already treated, and is still totally Free of charge with 400,000 websites.

WP compress

WP Compress is an image optimization plugin for WordPress that automatically optimizes your images to shrink file sizes, improve load times and help boost your conversions.

There are more plugins you can use to optimize your images on WordPress but we have listed the best image plugins you can ever find. You can read our guide on plugins you need to install as a beginner for more understanding. If you have any issue on this, you can use our comment session or join our delegate on facebook to solve any issues related to WordPress and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials.

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