Finding a Job in Canada

Best Ways To Apply For Jobs In Canada Without An Agent

A lot of people think you must be physically present for you to get a job in Canada, I will tell you why it is not true, hence you can get a job in Canada while you are in Nigeria. There are several ways you can do that and in this post I will take you through the ways at which it can be achieved.

However you need to understand that moving to Canada from Nigeria is as simple as you may think once you get the knowledge of what would be shared in this post. Just make sure you read completely.

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Firstly you need to understand that Canada’s job market is a large market and expects much from its employers. Now you know this it can give you an edge to what to expect and will help you to draft your resume and cover letter to Canadian standard.

On the other hand you need to be familiar with the Canadian visa process, which is totally different from that of other countries, but in this post you will get to know everything if you continue reading and it will be broken down to a layman’s understanding.

How Is The Canadian Job Market


The Canadian job market is where jobs are mapped out to employees by companies, however; it is very competitive and there are lots of opportunities for people in Nigeria who are skilled and have certifications for them (you must note that not all jobs need certification, depending). To find a job in Canada there are processes you need to take, you must check out availability of jobs online. You can also use some recruitment agencies or contacts of Canadian employers directly.

It is very important to do proper research on the Canadian labor market to understand it very well before you apply for any job. This is because it will help you identify the in-demand occupations and job offers at that moment. 

Online resources are also recommended, such as the government of Canada bank and other bodies that are basically for employment in Canada.

You should also know that when applying you should include your resume and your cover letter which must have the highlight of your skill and job experience that match the job requirement you are wanting to apply for. This should be done after you have known what the details should be like, make sure you draft it according to the Canadian standard. Your cover letter should explain why you are fit for the position or job you are applying for, and some experience you must have gathered.

How To Apply For Jobs In Canada From Nigeria

Make sure you read carefully. If you read from the beginning you will understand why i said read carefully, this is because there is a lot of prior knowledge from the beginning of this post.

Remember where we talked about how competitive the Canadian job market is; hence here is the part where you will be taken step by step of how to apply for jobs in Canada.

  1. The first step is finding the websites where these jobs are posted. Some of them are posted on a popular Canadian job hunt site which is open for visitors from across the globe. However some are posted in job boards in Canada and journals.
  2. Secondly, make sure your resume and cover letter matches and has a detailed format that grabs attention of the Canadian employers, which will make you stand out from others because you are not the only one applying for that particular job. Make sure to highlight relevant experiences to the type of job you are applying for.
  3. Make sure to follow the instructions of the job post you are applying for and read carefully so you don’t make mistakes that may disqualify you from getting the job. In some cases you may be asked questions online from the application forms.
  4. Confirm you have submitted your online application after answering questions and make sure to complete the assessment and read carefully before you submit, on this note take your time to assess all details.
  5. The last but not the list; don’t forget to follow up after you have submitted your application. In some cases you get a reply in less than 48 hours but if that doesn’t happen try to follow up by sending quick follow up emails to remind them you are still interested in the mentioned job offer you applied for.

Some Of The Benefits Of Working In Canada

There are lots of benefits but few will be mentioned in this post and you will experience others while you spend your time in Canada. The benefits of working in Canada include the quality of living, great opportunities of life, career advancement and improvement of standard of life.

When you arrive in Canada to work, your standard of living will automatically change because the government has equipped its countries with facilities and basic amenities.

Their cultural background is different from what you already know and the cities are clean and safe for dwelling, they also enjoy quality healthcare and free public education and others.

Some other benefits are protection and security for labor and professional development training. This is the part that encourages you to work to a particular standard and follow up your job task. This will also improve your knowledge and growth in your job opportunities. 

The benefits can never be overemphasized as there are also professional rewards and promotions.

Best Cities To Live While Working In Canada

The best cities in Canada are referred to as beautiful places. These parts of Canada are where you may have a comfortable life while you work, this does not mean you can’t work from other cities not mentioned here.

Toronto This city is very large and has lots of culture, it is said to be the biggest in size and has lots of job opportunities especially for those who applied for jobs relating to finance.

Ottawa – This is a great place to live and work as it is the capital where most government jobs are available and living here can also increase your standard of living by a good percentage.

Vancouver – It is called a beautiful city because it has a lot of tourist attractions and a thriving economy. It has great grade for it hospitality and it also sizeable.,

Montreal – This city is known for its diverse population, this is where you find lots of Nigerians and most Nigerian organizations and businesses. There are lots of opportunities in Montreal. 

Calgary – This city is known for its economic prosperity and lots of business opportunities. 

Best Jobs For Nigerians In Canada

There are lots of jobs in Canada and the pay is so attractive depending on which you are applying for. However the best job in Canada are:

  1. Auditor 
  2. Accountant
  3. Banking
  4. Business analyst
  5. Data analyst 
  6. Economist
  7. Financial analyst
  8. Human resources manager
  9. Investment banker
  10. Management consultant
  11. Marketing manage


If you read this post from the beginning you will know how easy applying for jobs in Canada can be. Some people think it is difficult but that’s not true, it is as easy as you think and very possible to get a job once you have applied. Keep the tips in mind and make sure to follow the process correctly, congratulations as you acquire your dream job and plans to move to Canada.


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