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Easiest And Fastest Procedure to Immigrate to Canada in 2023

It is very important to know that Canada is one of the countries in the world that embraces immigrants from across the globe and also provides them with basic and social amenities.

However, you also need to know that Canada is the 10th largest country in the world and has great opportunities open for everyone living in Canada. 

Canada is known for a lot of quality titles, from educational system, job opportunities and business opportunities. Canada has the highest number of educated people around the globe including foreigners.

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In 2021 Canada recorded over 450,000 immigrants into the country and yet still open to accept more who are willing to study and work in Canada. Statistics show that Canada is very accommodating and has a lot of opportunities for its immigrants.

If you are looking to immigrate to Canada and you don’t know how to go about it, in this post you will read ways you can move to Canada easily without any challenge. The process to immigrate to Canada is very easy. If you understand how it works very well, you must meet the required criteria for immigrating to Canada. Below are some easy ways to immigrate to Canada.

The Express Entry Program 


The express entry program is one of the easiest ways to immigrate to Canada and a lot of people have used the program to move to Canada successfully without any problem during the process. The program is designed for only skilled workers through an express entry system. You must have what it takes to move to Canada with the express entry program, however you must be a skilled worker and must show some documents to back up your claim to be skilled in your field. 

These program is divided into different part which consist of:

Federal skilled worker program: This program is for the skilled workers who are qualified and have experience in the skilled working field and want to live in Canada permanently. You must be a skilled worker to partake in this program.

Federal skilled trades program: this program is for skilled traders who have the experience first hand. This program enables you as a skilled trader to reside in Canada permanently.

Canadian express class: you must partake on the express class to get a  permanent resident  in Canada and you must meet to the requirement and just be skilled in your field of work.

Family Class Sponsorship 

This is another easy way to immigrate to Canada. The family class sponsorship enables a citizen to sponsor any of their family members to come over to live in Canada permanently. The system allows them to invite anyone as far as they have what it takes to carry out the processing.  You can as well sponsor your spouse and parents, however it is easier for you to be invited by a family if you are below the age of 22. Family class sponsorship is another easiest way to move to Canada, if you have a family then you should try this method.

Labour Market Impact Assessment(LMIA)

The (LMIA) system can help you to acquire permanent residence, however if the offer requires you to apply for a work visa after LMIA, the approval always comes afterward, once your work visa is approved. This is another easiest way to immigrate to Canada.

Provincial Nominee Program(PNP)

This is another easy way to move to Canada and live permanently, you must make sure you follow the criteria needed for this program. This program has helped a lot of skilled workers who have their permanent residence now. The provincial nominee program has helped in boosting the Canadian economy and this is why it remains one of the easiest ways to immigrate to Canada.

There are procedures you must take to use this method to immigrate to Canada, these procedure are:

  • Submission of application for permanent residence to immigration, citizenship Canada and Refugee.
  • Police check and medical exam must be conducted
  • Processing of requirements of the province you are nominated in. 
  • Application to provincial area through the non express stream.

Canadian Investment Immigration

This is another method through which people immigrate to Canada with no much stress but here you must work with what you have in terms of monetary values. It allows some foreign investors who have a high network to apply to be considered co owners or investors of a company and by doing that it will be easy for them to acquire permanent resident or even citizenship as the case may be. However, this program is created by business owners or managers of companies in Canada.

In some cases the investment might be in a period of time but during this process you can start applying for permanent residence, the investment can last up to a minimum of 5 years.

There are just a few businesses and managers that can be open to accept this offer as it is not common, but if you have the funds it is important you go for it because it is worth it.


Moving to Canada is as easy as you think, you must know that the process requires little or no funds, so when you start the process, any of the ways on this post to move to Canada easily can help if you follow it correctly. Good luck as you begin the process to move to Canada.


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