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Easy Ways to Immigrate to Canada as a Teacher

A lot of people with different careers are looking forward to moving to Canada as there are a lot of opportunities in canada. The Canadian government has made it easy for the foreigners to come to Canada and find job opportunities, however finding a job in Canada as a teacher is not that easy but in this post you will be gilded on steps to take to make the process easy for you without any form of delay.

There are ways which you may follow to fasten the process which will be stated below but you need to understand that moving to canada has a different process to enable you to migrate as a teacher. Here are the steps you need to pass through:

  • National occupational classification code (NOC)
  • Research and choose a province
  • Search for job
  • Applying for program
  • Visa application

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National Occupational Classification Code (NOC)


There are different codes to which you can fit in for a job as a teacher. The national occupational classification code can be easily located on the Canadian immigration website and you can check on the NOC code to know the one that fits into the job you seek.

However, there are 3 of them and the three are:

  1. NOC code: 4032, which is for the elementary and kindergarten school.
  2. NOC code: 4413, which is for elementary and secondary school teacher assistants.
  3. NOC code; 4431, which is for secondary school teachers. 

On this note, the Canadian government has it that the categories are different and should be followed according to the code stated above which all the details are there on the Canadian immigration website.

These categories stated by the government are:

  • Teacher assistance
  • Teaching aid
  • Supply teacher
  • English as a second language (ELS) teacher
  • Remedial aid
  • Biology teacher
  • Educational resource assistance
  • librarian

It is important you check through and know the category at which your code falls into before you can proceed, to enable you to know where your job fits in.

Research And Choose a Province

The provinces in Canada are divided into 10 and 3 territories, and each of them has its own immigration program and teaching board which controls and monitors the teaching board and local education.

There are several ways to migrate to Canada as a teacher, which include the nominee program in which you may be lucky to be nominated and then move to Canada immediately to start working with a permanent residence. You can also take the express entry.

Provinces with the highest number of population are always in need of teachers as there are a lot of people to be impacted and the government is looking out for the students and always wants them to be properly educated.

You must do research to know the provinces with the highest population and then find out the requirements and the criteria to become a teacher in their province because each province is different from the other. 

These province will always ask for requirements that meets up to the Canadian educational standard, the certifications are:

  • A university degree
  • Standard language (English/French)
  • At least two years working experience

Generally, you have to be familiar with the Canadian curriculum, this is why there are programs you need to take before you start to apply. You will learn to adapt to the ways of teaching in the Canadian standard and also be open to the environmental changes.  

Search For Job

Sometimes there are agents to help you look for jobs available in Canada for teachers, even some lawyers can also help you find a job. At times they always charge for consultations in order to guide you through the search for good paying jobs in Canada for teachers.

Sometimes these immigration lawyers have already available job positions on their desk, but always look out for only those who consult them before they can release the job information to them.

It is important to know that your reference letter should be made available for proof of your teaching experience and also the recommendation letter from your employer, where he recommended your skill and work is very important as that is also a plus for you.

There are various websites where you can find these jobs and there are lots of them looking for people from across the globe who are ready to work, and the pay is very encouraging.

Applying For Program

The programs in Canada were created by the government to meet the demands of foreigners who are willing to migrate and work in Canada. This program encourages professionals and skilled workers to immigrate to Canada and have permanent residence and also work.

These programs are only for skilled workers are are divided into two:

  1. The express entry
  2. The provincial nominee program

The Express Entry

Credits: Maridav / Shutterstock
This program is to encourage those who are skilled workers, it is divided into two parts; The skilled workers and the skilled traders. The government of canada made it this way to select only immigrants who are already working or have experience of their profession. These skilled workers consist of professional workers like teachers, nurses, doctors, phycologist, accountants and so on. You must show your certification to back up your claim to be skilled in your field, and sometimes it is not as easy because it takes some process to be assessed. To stand a chance you need to get a recognized certificate that matches the requirement for the job you are applying for. 

On the other hand the skilled traders are mainly those who are qualified in the occupation like bakers, cooks, welders, plumbers, and butchers etc. However you must meet up to at least two years working experience in your occupation. The express entry is specifically for those who are skilled because the aim of creating the program is to boost the Canadian economy.

The Provincial Nominee Program

This program was created by provinces to select workers from across the globe, they select immigrants based on their demand for laborer’s. Provinces are always in search of skilled workers and even skilled traders, to satisfy the needs of their province and they are always open to accepting immigrants to work for them. However each province has different ways they operate and different requirements, it is important you do enough research before you apply for any of this provincial nominee program.

Visa Application 

Visa application can be done online, there are a lot of slots to apply for visa to canada. You need to do proper research before you proceed to apply for a visa, you can also apply through the canadian consulate or embassy in your country. You are expected to open and create and online account to be able to process it digitally and you must have the required document before you can start the registration process, these requirements are:

  • A valid passport
  • Application form
  • Medical report
  • Police clearance
  • Financial statement
  • Proof of payment of application 
  • Photograph according to specification.

You must make sure to follow the due process to avoid being kicked out of the process, do more research and consultations before you continue the application process.

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