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Everything You Must Know Before You Immigrate to Work or Study In Canada

Working and studying in Canada is a great deal to be achieved, a lot of people are looking forward to achieving this and on that note you should also know that it is very achievable. However, there are certain steps you need to take before you can start earning. If you continue reading this post you will find out what it takes to work and earn while studying in Canada.

Most foreign students in Canada can work for at least 20 hours per week, and full time during holidays or academic breaks, without a work permit. As an international student studying and working gives you an edge to do more and explore more, while you work you earn and support yourself as you should and also meet people who are above you in working experience and learn from their experience. The association you keep might help you stand out in the long run maybe when you want to pursue employment later on.

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Eligibility For Studying And Working In Canada


As an international student there are requirements you need to work while studying in Canada, in some cases you may only need to have your study permit to enable you to work. The Designated Learning Institution (DLI) associated with the Canadian student permit can also guarantee you as a student to work while you are studying. This is to say you can work for any business organization or institution as an international student.

You can also work off-campus when you have your work permit and also you can apply for jobs in the campus you are studying. You can also be independently employed by an institution or business or even private projects nearby looking for assistance.

Whether you intend to work as you study there is also provision for student allowance depending on the process at which you enrolled or applied.

However you need to be eligible for this offer if you show a sufficient fund during your registration process. Some international students may decide not to work while studying if they have the sufficient funds that can see them through their period of studying.

As an international student there is no guarantee to be allowed to work for the Canadian business but in some cases you need a statement to enable you to apply for the Social insurance Number (SIN) to enable you to be eligible to work for the Canadian parastatals. 

The (SIN) is very important because it makes it easy for you to acquire the permission to work while studying in Canada.

If your study permit is missing in any way the Social insurance number can cover up for you as an international student and help you recover your study permit. It will be a lot easier if you have the study permit before you applied for the (SIN). You can also make necessary inquiries on this during your application process as there are other unsaid provisions for it.

If you are doing a program for less than six months as an international student then note that you won’t work while studying because the Canadian government does not support that. You can only get a work permit if you enroll for a course that may take a year or more.

You can start working once you have the necessary requirements even when the academic section has not kicked off.

Finding a Job As You Study In Canada

Studying and working at the same time might seem easy but not as you think, you need some requirements to at least get your first job as a student in Canada. However there are lots of jobs for students in Canada but there are stages to pass through to acquire these jobs.

Before you start searching for a job as a student in Canada you are required to put up a detailed CV and cover letter, to enable you to apply for the job available for you. Your resume and CV must be comprehensive and detailed in order to catch the attention of your employer.

Make sure to put the design to standard and avoid any sort of mistakes and also note that it should be the Canadian standard, on this note you should know that your cover letter is an opportunity to showcase your potential and convince your employer that you are good to be the employee they are looking out for.

If you are applying online make sure to submit a standard copy of your resume as an email or in PDF.

There Are Some Other Ways to Finding Job Like:

  • Direct approach
  • Co-op work permit

Direct Approach 

This approach is in the form of a word of mouth approach, but here you need to find out by asking businesses if they are in need of workers, walk around places like eateries, shops, working places to find out if they may need your service. Make sure you are dressed properly and also go along with your resume and CV as the case may be. 

You can also approach someone who you think is in a position to help you find a job as a student in Canada.

Co-op Work Permit

As an international student you don’t need a different work permit to land you a job, to work while you study in Canada. The co-op work permit is just like an internship program that allows you to work once you are done with the program.  

How to Get The Co-op Work Permit

You must provide a legitimate study permit that will prove you are a student and a letter from your college or school stating that the students in your program need to or have finished and are ready to receive their program certificate.

Way of Payment in Canada by Employers

The mode of payment is not really something different, however you must provide your account details for payment as the mode of payment is a wire transfer from the business organization you may be working for and the details provided will be accessible to enable swift payment.


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