How to Fix Insufficient HTTPS coverage on your site

How to Fix Insufficient HTTPS coverage on your site

Many SEO expertise has been complaining about the latest error on Google Search Console( GSC) which is Insufficient HTTPS Coverage on your site. This is one of the tools used by google to determine the Page experience either on mobile.

What is Page Experience?

Page Experience is evaluated per-URL. Currently it is evaluated only for mobile browsers (that is, the evaluation is considered only for users on mobile devices, and only searches from mobile devices are affected). The assessment, and the report, were developed to help sites create pages that provide a better user experience for their visitors.

page experience error

Page experience in Google Search is evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Core Web Vital
  • Mobile Usability
  • Security Issues
  • HTTPS Usage

Why you see Insufficient HTTPS coverage on your site.

The reason why you see HTTPS Error on Google Search Console is If a significant number of pages on your site use HTTP, you will see an HTTPS warning in the Page Experience report, although only HTTP pages on the site are affected. A page must be served over HTTPS to be eligible for Good page experience status in Google Search. The Page Experience report doesn’t have URL-level HTTPS data for your site, only the overall HTTP/HTTPS ratio for your site. If your site has too high a ratio of HTTP URLs, you will see warning banner on your site, and the HTTPS section will show Failing.

insufficient HTTPS coverage on your site

How to solve Insufficient HTTPS coverage on your site.

There are different ways to solve this on your website, we will highlight this so you can understand better.

Setting up using SSL and HTTPS on your website

You can solve this by setting up WordPress to Use SSL and HTTPs either manually or with the use of plugins. This is the most easiest way to solve this on your website.

Contacting your Hosting Company if problem remain

You need to contact your web helpdesk if the problem still exist on your website. Each website has an helpline if you have issue on your website, so after trying out the first solution then contact your web host for solution.

It might be Google Search Console Bug

Recently, John Mueller confirmed this was a bug twice on Twitter, John said “It’s a bug.”

This can happen “if there are no URLs reported on,” John explained. He added “then it’s just that we don’t have the data, and the UI incorrectly claims that the site is failing because of that.”

John said “we’re working on fixing that, sorry for the confusion!”
If your site is properly on https, then there’s nothing you need to do.

I think we have able to Fix Insufficient HTTPS coverage on your site, if you have any question, you can use our comment session or beep us on Facebook, we will reply you as soon as possible

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