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Hotel Jobs In Canada to Apply For Without Experience

A lot of grand hotels in Canada offer jobs to foreigners, who are ready to cater for their guests and serve the hotel needs. These hotels pay well as they are standard and offer standard services, you have a chance to meet people from around the world who visit Canada for business or tourism. The hospitality business in Canada is very lucrative and there are always jobs available because people from around the world who visit Canada are given the value for their money when they pay for hotel services.

The good thing about the available hotel jobs in the hotels in Canada is that most of them do not require any formal education or certification of any kind.

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There are thousands of hotels in Canada and each of these hotels are in search of workers from around the world to make sure they give out quality services to their customers when they come to the hotels. 

There are different kinds of jobs offered by the hotels in Canada and you do not need any working experience to apply to get them. Continue reading this post to see if you can choose from any of the hotel jobs in Canada to apply without any experience.

Hotel Jobs To Apply In Canada without Work Experience


Before you apply for any hotel job in Canada make sure you do a proper research of the hotel you want to apply for and know how they offer their services to customers and also be specific about the job you are seeking to secure.

However you need a work permit before you can start working and you will also undergo some training once you are successful. These jobs are:

Hotel Housekeeper 

The job of the hotel housekeeper is to make sure the guest rooms are in good condition and public areas, in general the hotel housekeeper makes sure the maintenance of the hotel facilities are standard and also interacts with the guest to know if there are any complaints as regards to their service to them. In general the hotel housekeeper takes note of any housekeeping duties once the job is taken.

The average pay of a Hotel housekeeper is $25.00 per hour.

Room Attendant

The room attendant are responsible to make sure all rooms are kept neat after used by a customer and they are always in check to make sure every room id tidied to the hotel standard. The room attendants are given all the necessary tools to make sure they keep the room ready for the next occupant in the hotel. They are provided the facilities and toiletries to make sure the hotel rooms are neat and sparkling. The work shift is sometimes 7-8 hours depending on the hotel you landed the job, some hotel can agree to allow you work full time and most times the room attendant are in a union to check on their members.

The average pay of a Room Attendant is $20.00 per hour.

Night Auditor

The night auditor is someone who take record and balances financial record and entries of the hotel. They are provided with every expenses for the day and have record summited the the hotel. They are in the position to take complaints from the guest who want to make inquiries on their expenses and these concern may arise during over night. They also provide the hotel statement and revenue across everyday.

The average pay of a Night Auditor is $17.00 per hour.

Front Desk Receptionist

The front desk receptionist has the job to always check quest in and give them proper attention as regards to making inquiries. They handle the check in and check out of the quest and ensure the quest are provided with all they need from the hotel, the front desk representative must be efficient and organized during the receiving of quest.

The average pay of a Front Desk Representative is $16.00 per hour.


They are in charge of providing the customer service to quest. They are the first point of contact when it comes to hotel affairs in Canada. You must be strong and knowledgeable to do this particular job as it may seem different from other.

The average pay of a Concierge is $23.00 per hour.

Hotel Maintenance Engineer

The maintenance engineers are responsible for the upkeep and repairs in the hotel and they make sure all the facilities are in good condition, they inspect all the hotel electrical facilities and the hotel powering. You must have a good knowledge of electrical system to be able to qualify to get this job in a hotel in Canada.

The average pay of a Hotel Maintenance Engineer is $30.00 per hour.

Housekeeping Manager

They are in charge of the housekeeping department and ensure the running of their department is going smoothly. They are also in charge of hiring and training the hotel housekeepers.

Their salary estimate is about $27,000 to $34,000 a year.

Hotel Manager

The hotel manager does the over all check on all the hotel staff and they also hear out the complaints of quest. They make sure the quest get value for their money when ever they use their hotel and the manager is accountable to any distress record in the hotel. Even the financial aspect of the hotel is checked by the manager to insure accuracy in the financial growth of the hotel.

The hotel manager position is very demanding but it reward is amazing, this is a perfect career when it comes to hospitality.

The average pay of a Hotel Manager is $35.00 per hour.

Resort Manager

The resort manager is fully involved in the dealings of the resort space in the hotel, they make sure the activities at the hotel resort is organized. They oversee the financial aspect of resorts and management in the hotel they work.

The average pay of a Resort Manager is $34.00 per hour.


There are lots of great hotel jobs in Canada and these jobs need little or no experience and the pay for these jobs are very good. It may take time to choose a prefect one that match you but it is good to do more research and find out the best to apply. Good luck.




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