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How Express Entry To Immigrate to Canada works

One of the fastest ways to immigrate to Canada is Express Entry, it is an online provision that enables you to apply using a job process as a skilled worker to get a permanent residence in Canada. This application is for only those who seek permanent residence. However the Express Entry program has developed the Canadian economy because it is basically for only skilled workers who are professionals.

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You can get the Express Entry with your family depending on how you applied and how you plan to relocate to Canada. The process of Express Entry is determined by the kind of skill you have and the management system in charge is a citizen of Canada and entries are received through the Canadian economic immigration programs for their skilled workers.

The Express Entry is highly competitive and ranks the most used process for immigrants. Due to the fact it guarantees permanent residence many immigrants use the process to achieve their dream to move to Canada. 

How Express Entry Works


To be eligible to apply for an Express Entry you must be skilled and there are two ways to find out if you are eligible to apply. These two ways are:

  • Provision of documents
  • Invitation request 

Provision Of Document

You must make some documents available including your personal profile. This document includes language test result, eligibility form and other required documents. You should make sure you are aware of the documents that may be required through research and make sure you have them ready before this process.

If you are eligible your documents will be accepted and you will move over to the second step, however your score is based on the information you have in your documentation and that is what they will use to access your identity.

Make sure there is no mistake in the credentials you present to avoid any form of rejection.

Invitation Request

It normally takes two weeks to receive an invitation request, after this the Express entry will be granted and the candidate will be called upon. If you wait after two weeks and don’t get any invitation request it means you were not granted any entry, but if you are invited it means you are eligible to start processing your way to Canada.

The invitation request expires in 12 months so you need to make sure you do not waste the opportunity. 


It is very important that you meet the requirement before you apply for Express Entry, this is because it is the easiest way to move to Canada and acquire a permanent residence. This is why you need to make every documentation ready to avoid failure.


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