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How To Find A Place To live In Canada

Canada is known to be a very large country and highly populated. The first question you should ask yourself as an immigrant is where to live when you arrive Canada. One of the major problems of immigrants is finding a comfortable place to live when they arrive in Canada, here on this post you will be provided with good information on how to go about finding a good accommodation for yourself upon your arrival in Canada. 

Finding a place to live in Canada may take days or sometimes even weeks but reading this post till the end will help you know how to go about this process so you don’t waste lots of money paying for hotels every night for a long period of time.

Finding A Good Accommodation In Canada


In most cases on your arrival in Canada you will likely stay in a hotel for a while before you proceed to find accommodation as an immigrant. This hotel serves as temporary accommodation but the expenses that come with it is something you don’t want to continue for a long time. However there are lots of monthly paid apartments and they are fair in their charge, some have a lease term of 12 months and some are paid monthly. 

It is good we share with you that Canada has launched a service for newly arrived immigrants to get complete free settlement upon their arrival in Canada. This service will help you to find an accommodation in the space of a few days after you have given them the necessary information they need to use in securing you an accommodation. These information’s are:

  1. Your budget
  2. Your ideal location of choice
  3. Distance and time to your workplace
  4. Other related expenses.

What Does The Cost Of Living Look Like In Canada

Canada is a very interesting country to live in, so therefore the cost of living depends on the province you find yourself in. Most regions are different from others, just like Montreal and Saskatchewan are referred to as the most affordable places in Canada.  In a general sense, where you live doesn’t matter, you just need to be financially prepared as long as you live in Canada.

How To Find Places To Live In Canada

The good thing here is, there are companies whose major operation is to find houses and accommodation for people living in Canada. Whether you are a newcomer, they will help find a house for you on your budget and location. They serve as an agent as the case may be. An example is the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), who can provide the details of what you need.

You can also use the Canadian Housing Directory (CHD), which provides you with some temporary and permanent residential properties to choose from.

Local newspaper or classification adverts sometimes display advertisements showing houses to rent and for sale with their addresses and location of area and size. Sometimes these houses are even very affordable.


In some cases in Canada there are people who are into real estate that advertise houses online for rent and other uses but you must make sure to do proper research and be sure before you process to make any payment.



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