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How To Get Your Temporary Work Permit While in Canada

There are lots of foreigners moving to Canada to look for greener pastures. It is important to know that Canada is a country full of great opportunities and there are readily jobs available for immigrants.

However there are many foreigners from different countries in the world moving to Canada to work but once the job is secured you need to acquire a work permit. If you have a job offer already and you want to know how to get your work permit then continue reading this post.

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What Does It Mean To Have A Work Permit?


The Canadian work permit is a ticket that qualifies a person to work in Canada, it is designed to give you the permission to operate as a working class in Canada. This work permit is a kind of authorization to enable you to work in any province you find yourself in Canada. 

As a foreigner the first thing you need to do if you want to work in Canada is to get your work permit to avoid any form of delay in getting a job or following up for job offers. 

There are different types of work permit and they are:

  • LMIA work permit
  • Temporary work permit
  • Facilitated LMIA
  • Global Talent Stream
  • International mobility program
  • Intra-Company transfer
  • LMIA-Exempt work permit
  • NAFTA work permit
  • CETA work permit
  • Post-Graduate work permit
  • International Experience Canada
  • Spouse Accompanying International Student
  • Spousal Sponsorship From Inside of Canada
  • Bridge Open work permit

How To Get Your Temporary Work Permit

To get your temporary work permit in Canada you must meet the requirements needed, in some cases there are restrictions depending on the process at which you arrived Canada.

You must be eligible to be given a work permit, there are different types of the work permit and each and every of the work permit has its own purpose.

The type of work permit that you may get depends on these factors:

  1. The type of work you want to do
  2. Your immigration status
  3. Age variation
  4. Your skill and qualifications.

General Eligibility Requirements for work permit

By now you should know that there are different kinds of work permits in Canada, and it is also important to know that each of them has a different eligibility requirement for them and different application methods. The eligibility requirements are:

  • A prove to return to your country after your work has expired
  • You must not have a criminal record or threat toward security personnel
  • You must be healthy and have no health challenge
  • You must be financially competent to show you can take care of yourself during your stay
  • You must not involve is trafficking of any kind during your stay in Canada


On your arrival, you need to get a work permit to enable you to earn some money to live a good life in Canada. However make sure to read the post very well and do well to drop your comment or questions on our page.

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