How to Make a Link in Bio Page in WordPress

Beginners Guide on How to Make a Link in Bio Page in WordPress

Do you wish to make a link in bio page on your website?

As a beginner,you will want to try all design to see if it is suitable for your website. So we’ll show you how to easily make a link in bio page in WordPress.

What is Link in Bio Page in WordPress


A link in bio page is a popular way to send traffic from social media to multiple pages on your website. It’s commonly used by Instagram influencers and other social media celebrities.

Why You Need a Link in Bio Page as a beginner in WordPress?

A link in bio page lets you send social media traffic to specific pages on your WordPress website. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook only allow a single link in your profile.

But, instead of sending users to a single page, you can create a link in bio page that lets you send traffic to multiple pages.

By using a WordPress plugin, you can create your very own link in bio page without having to use a third party service.

Services that helps Create a Link in Bio Page in WordPress




Spotlight PRO

WP MyLinks


Advantages of Creating a Link in Bio Page in WordPress

You can design a completely unique page

Match your landing page to the design of your website

Add analytics and track page performance

Avoid spam triggers with third-party services

How to Create a Link in Bio Page in WordPress using Plugins

We all know that WordPress deals with Plugins and we have lots of plugins you can use which we have stated abov

Create in Bio Page in WordPress using WP Link Bio

WP Link Bio helps you to convert your followers into visitors and customers. It creates a mobile-optimized landing page to show unlimited links, posts, and products so that you can drive all traffic from Instagram directly to your website.

Features of WP Link Bio

Highlight your links with emojis, thumbnails, and animations!

Integration with Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager

Links to your Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram etc)

PRO version includes:

Priority Support

WooCommerce integration

Unlimited Links

Unlimited Posts

Unlimited Products

Links to Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram etc)

10 types of animation, powered by Animate CSS

3 Templates

With this plugin, you can easily create a link in bio page that offers your visitors multiple links for Instagram.

However, the same page design can be used for any social media network.

First thing you need to do is install the WP Link Bio plugin. For more details, see our step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Wp Link Bio

Note: there is a free version of Wp Link Bio that you can use, but we’ll be using the Pro version since it has more features and templates.
Once the plugin is activated, you need to navigate to WP link Bio » Settings and enter your license key. This information is under your account on the WP Link bio website.

You can choose from one of 15 different themes for your Instagram bio page, or if you’d prefer to stick with the default.

Choose a meta tag/description for your profile page; if you’re using an SEO plugin for WordPress, they will override this setting.

Upload a custom Favicon for your bio page.

Also, set your bio pages to noindex for search engines and nofollow for links on your bio page.

Wp Link Bio

After you are done with the above settings, then Custom Scripts and Styles for Your Bio Page

If you’re a fan of tracking stats or would like to make a custom style for your Instagram bio page, you can. Here you can add an analytics script and more.

Creating A Landing Page For Instagram by adding

Title:- Give the MyLink page a title. You can edit the permalink once you save the page.

Avatar:- Upload a squared image is preferable, for example, 500px by 500px.

Name:- Add a name that will appear under the image.

Description:- Text here will appear under the image. Keep it short and to the point.

Theme:- Choose from fifteen different themes for your bio page.

WP MyLinks is incredibly easy to use; adding new links is a simple affair. Each link box comprises of three elements:

Title:- The text to show on the link box.

Link URL:- Add a link you’d like the user to view (opens in a new window).

Image:- Each link box (Call to Action) can have an optional image shown at the beginning to entice a visitor to click.

If you have a load of links you’d like to add to your Instagram bio page, you can re-order them very quickly

Entirely down to you and what SEO plugin you use. Change the meta title, description, and, as previously mentioned, set to Noindex or Nofollow.

These settings (if you’re using an SEO plugin for WordPress) will get overridden by your SEO plugin.

Here Are Seven Reasons Why We Think You’ll Love It

WP MyLinks is an excellent addition to your social media marketing arsenal, and we’ve had a great time showcasing what it can do.

meta title, description

It’s completely free. Yes, free.

Easy to set up.

Saves you money compared to premium services.

Google Analytics integration (or you’re preferred tracking solution).

Add a Facebook Pixel if needed.

Add custom CSS to your MyLinks page to follow your branding.

On your domain. No –

We hoped this article helped you make a link in bio page in WordPress. You may also want to see our guide on how to add social media feeds to WordPress and our expert picks of the 7 Best WordPress Ad Management Plugins for Beginner’s. I think WpressBeginner has solve 80%/of your issue on this

If you have any issue on this, you can use our comment session or join our delegate on Facebook to solve any issues related to WordPress and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials.

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