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Beginner’s Guide on How to make Posts Sticky on WordPress

Do you want to make Post sticky on your WordPress site?

Most readers loves updated websites, but some times website Admins love putting their most important post at the top so that readers can see them on their homepage.

As we all know that after writing a unique content on your website, the recent post written stays at the top while the rest follows, as you have written the post, either updated or new content.

But some time we love showing the most important content on your website, that is when you need to use Sticky Features to place it at the top.

What is a sticky Post


A sticky post is a post placed on your website for a long period of time before deciding to remove it at your own wish unlike other content.

Reasons why you use Sticky Features on Post

If you run a business selling goods or services to your visitors. If you wanted to offer a discount for the holiday season or for a limited time, you can use a sticky post to announce the sale.

You can even want to put video as sticky post; rated video or videos of your website for users to know which kind of web they are into.

Above all use sticky posts to make sure your visitors see your best content first.

How to make Sticky Post on WordPress

There are different ways to make sticky post on WordPress, you should know that WordPress site can be built either with plugins or manual codes. So we will show you the two ways.

How to make sticky Post Manually

WordPress comes with built-in functionality to stick any post to the front page. All standard WordPress themes support this feature and will highlight the sticky post on the front page or the blog page. No matter the themes you are using, they support sticky post, you can read our guide on the best WordPress theme you can use as a beginner.

The first method under Manual setup is that you need to click on the post you want to stick at the top, then click the settings logo if you have been writing unique content on WordPress, the settings logo should not be a problem to you. Below the settings, you will see Status and Visibility, click the Status and Visibility, then check stick to the top of the blog, then save or publish the post.

That’s it! Your post will now stick to your blog’s front page until you remove the check. If you want to make an older post sticky, follow the same steps and just click save.

The second Manual way of sticking your content to the top is easier than the first way. Check the image below very well and you will see it is very easy.

First of all you click on all post, after that is see quick edit, click the link then at the right hand side you see make this post sticky, check it and you are good to go.

Make sure you save the edited settings you just made and you can do the same to all your other content.

How to make post Sticky at the top using Plugins

As I have said above, WordPress can operate either with manual settings or plugins, the way you can set up your blog manually is the same way using plugins.

So if you want to set it up using plugins I recommend sticky post -switch.

Sticky Post Switch plugin adds a new column to the post admin columns that allows you to easily mark a post so that it is sticky.
Sticky Posts is a WordPress feature only for posts, with this plugin you can use this feature also with custom post types.

It enables you to use the sticky posts feature with every custom post type on front page, archive page or category page. Also, very quick and bulk edit support for custom post types. It also select the post type (post or custom post type). It select the color of the switch icon. It customized order of the column showing the switch icon. It uses only built-in WordPress functions. The star-icon switch saves the posts in the sticky status immediately with ajax.

Install the plugin from your plugins dashboard, if you don’t know how to install plugins, you can read our guide on how to install WordPress plugins. What makes this unique is that you can schedule the time limit for the post you stick at the top.

We hope this article helped you to learn how to make sticky posts in WordPress easily.
If you have any issue on this, you can use our comment session or join our delegate on facebook to solve any issues related to WordPress and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials.

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