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How To Work And Study At The Same Time In Canada

There are universities in Canada where you can study and at the same time find a good paying job. You can work while studying in Canada and in this post you will learn how it works. This is to note that the  Canadian law allows you to work while you are still studying and this law is for both citizens and international students, so the goal of making money while you school is a yes!.

The aim of this is so the student will live a comfortable life and make some money to take care of themselves while studying. Canada is so accommodating and has made it easy for people who come to work and study from across the world.

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Steps to Study And Work In Canada

The steps are easy and must be taken accordingly, before you completely read these steps I am sure you have completed reading how to move to Canada or maybe you are in Canada right now. These steps are:

Choose a course: You have to be sure of the course you want to study and follow it up before anything else. You must ensure you are at the right platform when applying and choosing the course of your choice, the choice is very important because you don’t want to spend money on a course that is not right for you. Choosing the right course will leverage you to get a good paying job in Canada. Apply at a recognized academic Canadian body that provides higher education and acceptance letters: you must be careful when applying because not all Canadian universities accept international students. You must do proper research before applying to avoid some waste of time and resources. However you need to look out for designated learning institutions in Canada before you can apply.

Test on language proficiency: there are lots of language proficiency tests and the most common is (IELTS) there are others like TOEFL ibt, C1 advanced and PTE academic are also accepted in Canada. Any of these can be submitted during your study permit application presentation. It will help increase and prove your fluency in English or French.

Study permit application: You need to obtain a study permit that will allow you to study and work in Canada freely and this will give you a good edge. However it make take little time during the process but it is worth it.

Working While You Study

As a student you have at least 19-20 hours per week to work and make some money for yourself. However international students are not exempted so this is to say you have your time to study and also your time to work and rest as well. You can also have all the time to work during holidays and academic breaks.

Requirements For Working And Studying

There are some requirements needed to be eligible to study and work in Canada, if you have these requirements you can work and study even without a work permit. However in some cases it may not work but you can apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN) which is very important if you want to work and study at the same time in Canada. Make sure you understand this so you don’t get confused about it.

There are also conditions that may deprive you from working and studying in Canada; these conditions are:

If the study program or duration is less than six months. 

If you are a visiting student or an invited student.

Benefit Attached to Working And Studying In Canada

Studying and working in Canada comes with many benefits, you will experience more and have a good time in both working and learning process. However, depending on the kind of job you are doing most people do up to 2 shifts depending on their time schedule. These benefits are:

It will help you gain work experience

It exposes you to managerial duties and how to work with time.

You will be more open to meeting new people out of your learning environment.

Tips to Help You Find Jobs In Canada As An International Student

There are some important things to do if you are seeking for job as an international student, here are few tips to help you secure a job;

Try to put up a well detailed resume or a well written CV and cover letter.

Word of mouth with people you come across in place of worship or business places.

Making proper use of your social media platforms.

There are numerous websites that offer job opportunities look out for them online or on journals.

What Does It Take To Study In Canada

Research has it that studying in Canada is more affordable than other countries like the United kingdom, USA and Australia. If you really need some affordable universities abroad then Canada is the best option for you. Sometimes you can even be lucky to study for free in Canada.

How Possible Is It to Study For Free In Canada

Some institutions in Canada charge higher than some, however there are others that don’t even charge at all. This is because some people get into these institutions on scholarship programs. And there are a lot of scholarship programs online for people that want to study in Canada, these scholarships are offered by the Canadian government and some big companies that may want to recruit student staff and train them in their chosen field. These scholarships are open for only international students in some cases, you can look out for them and apply.


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