Different ways to Install Google Analytics in WordPress for Beginners

I was having a thought few days ago that how will we be able to monitor our website, either you as an expert or just a beginner on blogger platform or WordPress without analytics. Its not possible and that is why google introduce what we call google analytics.

Even if you are getting traffic from Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or as an SEO expert, you need google analytics because you need how your audience interact with your websites.

It is free and very fast to configure without editing any HTML codes on WordPress.

What is Google Analytics?


Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool offered by Google to help you analyze your website traffic.

Do you see how very easy to read, we call it sometime monitoring spirit. It monitor and analyse your website so as to know what is going on on your website.

Why is Google analytics very important?

The reason why google analytics are very important is as follow;

What do people do when they are on your website?

How many user engaged on your website per day?

When do they and why did they visit your website?

How do they find my website? Is it through direct, social media traffic or search engine

Did they stay longer? That is when bounce rate comes in, you will have to understand what really is bounce rate.

And so many more.

How to sign up for Google Analytics

Note that it is free for all website users, no hiding charges, it is just free, just create an account on google analytics website, okay why not follow the steps below;


Visit google analytics site, You will be asked to login with your Google account. If you already have a Google or Gmail account, then you can use that to sign-in. Otherwise, you can go ahead and create a Google account for yourself.

After sign up, you will then have the opportunity to sign up for google analytics on the same website.

You will be asked to provide an account name. This will be used internally so you can use anything like your business name.

On the next screen of your system, you will be given choice to choose between a web, apps, or apps and web. Make sure you select ‘Web’.

Enter your website name, website’s URL, your country, and country time zone.

Click on the Next button. Then you will be see Google Analytics terms and service terms and condition which you must 100% agree to, so click on ‘I Agree’ button.

Now you will be presented with your Google Analytics tracking code. You can copy this tracking code because you will need to enter it in your WordPress site depending on the method you use below.

Step by Step on how to Install Google Analytics on your WordPress Site

There three different ways to install google analytics on your website but we will show you two easier ways without coding because we know that you are just a starter been show what WordPress is all about.

With the Use of Google analytics plugin

Google analytics also known as Google analytics has plugins which are free to make it easier for you to set up, you just need the tracking code to paste on the google analytics plugin dashboard, then every information going on within your website reflect on the plugin dashboard

Can you see how easy it is? WordPress has made blogging very easy with plugins, just install and start monitoring your website.


MonsterInsight Plugin

MonsterInsight plugin is one of the most populous google analytics plugins used across the world with over 2 million users, not just because it easy to use but it easy but also the fastest way to install. This plugins is available either free or paid version, not really more differences but I recommend the paid version

First and foremost, Install and activate monsterInsight plugins from the plugin dashboard.

Upon activation, from your dashboard you see insight, click on it and then the MonsterInsight setup shows up.

You will then be asked to choose a category for your website; either it is a business website, blog, or online store. Select one and then click on ‘Save and Continue’ button.

Then you connect, after that a pop up message appear that you should sign up on your google account, sign up and continue.

You will be asked to allow MonsterInsights to access your Google Analytics account. Click allow.

Then you select the profile you want to track. This is where you will select your website here and then click on the ‘Complete Connection’ button to continue.

Then MonsterInsight finish the job for you.

That’s all you have successfully installed and setup Google Analytics on your WordPress site. Remember, it will take Google Analytics sometime before showing your stats.

Frequently Question asked about WordPress Google anaytics

Does google analytics track outbounds links

Yes, Google analytics do more than that, you both inbound and outbound links.

Will the report be the same with the report on google analytics online dashboard?

Sure, it always be the same, we notice that google Analytics which is online loads very slow than the WordPress analytics.

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