8 New Domain Name Extensions Introduced by Namecheap

8 New Domain Name Extensions Introduced by Namecheap

If you are thinking of buying a new domain name, Namecheap just introduce new 8 domain extension. You can now register .BEAUTY, .MAKEUP, .SKIN, .HAIR, .BOND, .LAW, .FORUM, and .QUEST domain names at Namecheap.

If you’re looking to start a business, share a passion, or add to your growing collection of domains, you may like to take a closer look at the domain name extensions.

This 8 new domain extension is different from the most populous domain extension, you can read our guide on the difference between .Com vs .Org vs .Net domain extension.

Details about New 8 Namecheap Domain Extension

.BEAUTY Domain Extension

Built for beauty fans, professionals and influencers, the .BEAUTY is a great match for those in the beauty industry. Use yours to keep all your beauty ventures under one roof, attract new clients, and grow a dedicated online following.

.MAKEUP Domain Extension

A .MAKEUP domain is the perfect foundation for your makeup-related venture. Give your brand a boost online, whether it’s launching a new line of lipsticks or rating the latest mascaras for your beauty blog.

.SKIN Domain Extension

Skincare brands, influencers, and professionals, it’s time to choose a brand new .SKIN. Showcase your serums, boast about your cleanser collection, or list your skincare services on the web.

.HAIR Domain Extension

If you’re a professional hairdresser or run a haircare brand, the .HAIR is a clever option for capturing new customers. It’s also perfect for beauty bloggers sharing hair tutorials from dyeing to styling.

.BOND Domain Extension

It’s a worthy investment for investors, financial advisors, and anyone looking to get ahead in the world of finance. The .BOND domain is a credible choice that makes an attractive platform for sharing advice or listing services.

.LAW Domain Extension

Only authorized legal institutions and qualified lawyers can register a .LAW, which makes this domain a completely trusted space. Share your expertise, claim new clients, and find an online home for your firm.

.FORUM Domain Extension

If you want to open up a discussion online, what better way to do it than with a .FORUM? Use yours as a destination for people to share all kinds of knowledge, from technical advice to showbiz gossip.

.QUEST Domain Extension

The .QUEST domain opens up a world of possibilities online, use it for fact-finding fun, or online gaming. It’s exciting and makes a great fit for building communities or expansive knowledge resources.

You can get this new namecheap Domain Extension from HERE

How to Start a Website using Namecheap

There are three things you need to create a WordPress blog:

  • domain name idea (this will be the name of your blog i.e like godzgeneralblog.com)
  • A web hosting account (this is where your website live on the internet like name cheap, godaddy, bluehost and so on)
  • Then read our guide on how to start a WordPress site.

.BOND and .LAW are new to Namecheap, .BEAUTY, .MAKEUP, .SKIN, .HAIR, .QUEST, and .FORUM are completely new to the world of domains.

If you have any issue on how to buy your website domain name, you can use our comment box or get to us through our Facebook page, we would reply you soonest.

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