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Professional And Skilled Workers Programs In Canada

The part which the government takes more concern in Canada is the aspect of professionalism and the skills of the immigrants. However it is important to know that Canada’s labour market is open to only those who are professionals and skilled depending on their field.

Professionals are recognized in Canada and they play a major role in the economy and infrastructural development of Canada. Most immigrants in Canada are accepted because of their skill and profession, this is because Canada needs them to develop its economy and also expand its production and country worth.


There is an 80% rise in the number of professional and skilled immigrants moving to Canada to work and find greener pastures. This has made the Canadian government to organize some programs to enable the immigrant stand a chance to be fully involved in their countries job activities. You must know that there are several ways you can get a job in Canada, but also there are some government oriented programs you need to secure a high paying job in Canada. Some of the programs organized by the Canadian government for skilled and professionals are:

The Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP)


The government introduced this program to enable the skilled workers who are already working in Canada to acquire a permanent residence in Canada. However the Express Entry is required to be processed and applied in the profile of the immigrant. If you are seeking to live in Canada permanently then you have to start processing for the Federal Skilled Trade Program.

Canada Experience Class (CEC)

To apply for this program you must meet the qualifications of the Express Entry System. This program will enable an immigrant to work for at least one year before they can have their permanent residence. If you are applying for this program you must be sure your job offer will last up to a year before you can consider going for this program.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

This program is for individuals whose work location is located in Quebec. If you wish to live in Quebec then you can be comfortable to apply for this program but you must know that it will favor you if you are in Quebec. 

You will be evaluated before you can be given a certificate for this program and you must have lived and worked in Quebec for a period of time. If you pass the criteria, the invitation to apply will be given to you and that is in the form of a permit which will be used to sign your permanent residence, as it is in line with the Quebec government.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

It is important to know that the provinces do not have any power to give out certificates of permanent residence, hence to have to apply for a program to guarantee you and these programs are endorsed by the federal government of Canada. The provincial nominee program however will only boost your chances and also make it easier for you to apply when the time is right.


If you are a professional or skilled worker in Canada there is a chance to get this program done without any form of stress, make sure you study how they work very well and ask questions if necessary. 


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