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Read This Before You Take Any Canada Visa Interview

Most people end up failing simple visa interviews due to their inability to meet up the standard as a result of lack of knowledge or fear of the unknown. A little mistake can ruin your visa interview process and that is not not because it would have been avoided.

In this post we will hold your hand and take you through on how to stand out during the visa interview process. Make sure you don’t stop reading until you get all the details into your head.

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The visa interview process is sometimes automated and the immigration consultants are fully involved during this process. Here are some tips to help you stand out

Stick To the Rules


There is always a rule provided before the process and you must make sure you understand very well before you sign in. This is applicable to everyone no matter what you are applying for. Make sure you are on time and be honest with your answers so you don’t make mistakes when they are repeated to know how sure you are.

Lots of immigrants end up not being eligible because of dishonesty and the Canadian immigration authorities are now strict with their mode of operation. Make sure you ask the interviewers to explain any question you do not understand, to make sure you don’t make any mistake out of excitement.

Prepare Your Document

Your documents should be properly checked to avoid any error. Make sure you don’t have any form of complication that may be a barrier for you. Go with every required document in case they are needed for an important purpose.

Practice some Important Questions

Get familiar with some important questions and don’t make mistakes or misunderstand them, because these interviewers are smart and know how to catch a spot when you are not being real.

Make sure to be confident when you are asked some questions, you can call a friend to practice with you or maybe use a mirror to build your confidence. Some of the questions that may be asked are:

  • Do you know someone in Canada?
  • Have you been to Canada before?
  • Why do you want to travel to Canada?
  • How long are you planning to stay in Canada?
  • Will you live alone or with your family when you get to Canada?
  • Who is your sponsor?

Prepare Yourself On The Language To Use

In most cases the French language is used and also English, you have two languages to choose. Make sure you are proficient in the language of your choice because the language  you start with is what you will also end with.

When going for an interview make sure you go alone to avoid creating a bad impression. You can ask the person to wait for you by the car or the waiting room. Interviews doesn’t take time because sometimes the interviews are always overwhelmed from the files they need to attend to, and their decisions are always few minutes or in the process of the interview, this is the reason you have to be concise and smart.

Dress In A Presentable Manner

Make sure to look outstanding and dress very well because the way you dress can also be your ticket to pass your interview. Put on a good smile and don’t be too serious, ensure you use a good perfume, however the bottom line is to dress and be presentable.

Important Tips During Interview  

  • Don’t skip any question 
  • Don’t be in a hurry to answer
  • Don’t share unnecessary information
  • Be confident
  • Maintain a good body language
  • Don’t exchange word with interviewer


Once you find yourself in the interview process, comfort yourself and don’t be too excited. Make sure you read this post in between lines to avoid any mistakes. Do Not exchange words with your interviewer if he says your visa has been denied, but politely ask them the reason for the refusal.


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