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Student Visa: How To Get A Canadian Student Visa

Since the government of Canada opened their universities for foreign students from across the globe to come and study, the student visa has been enrolled by a lot of students to enable them to have a permanent residence. Generally Canada is known for its standard of education and has the highest number of immigrants studying in their country.

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Research has it that over 200,000 people from different countries apply for student visa to Canada every year and over 1 millions of people have already enrolled in less than 5 years, this is because Canada made it easy for student who want to study thereby making their tuition fee more affordable than other countries like United States and United Kingdom.

The student Visa in Canada also has benefits that come with it, but in the post we will guide you on step by step process to get the Canadian student visa to study and live in Canada. These steps are:

  • Provide requirement needed
  • Obtain a study permit
  • Know when to apply for visa
  • How to apply for visa
  • Process for obtaining a student visa

Provide Requirement Needed


You need to understand the requirements needed for the process, to qualify for the student visa applicant must be good and proficient in either English or French with an evidence of language test with an average score.

Obtain A Study Permit

The study permit in Canada is the same as the student visa, it enables you to access the country as a student within the timeframe of your academic sections. Once your student permit is obtained either the visitors visa or the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) will be handed to you. 

In some cases the student permit is your ticket to move around Canada and enjoy your stay but recently it has gained the authorization to have your permanent residence as a student.

Know When To Apply For Visa

It is very important you apply for your student visa before you move to Canada. You have to apply for a student permit in a visa office and must be sure of the course you want to study and the duration.

If you wish to further your study there is also a room for a permit renewal and that will not take so long to be obtained for you to continue your study. However your student permit enables you to work during the period of your study and also gives you the benefit of working part time and having your permanent residence.

How To Apply For Visa

Applying for the student visa is as easy as ABC, there are different ways to apply but the most common way is applying online, through a Canadian immigration website. 

There are also agents who help in the process but sometimes the charge is high depending on the information they get from you. However there is vital information online on how to do it yourself.

Process For Obtaining A Student Visa

There is a step by step process for obtaining a student visa. You must be sure you have done the necessary processing to enable you to pass through this stage. The processes are:

  • Provision of acceptance letter from a recognized university
  • Provision of study permit application must be obtained
  • Screening certificate must be provided 

Once you pass through the mentioned process a checklist code will be given to you to ascertain if you are qualified to apply for student visa and this code will expire after 60 days. Then after that process if you qualify, an account will be created for you and you will sit for an interview and then you can get your application for tuition payment.  


Studying in Canada is a great opportunity and it comes with a lot of benefits that will be enjoyed in a lifetime. But you have to meet the requirement to be a partaker of these benefits.

If you are looking forward to getting a student visa in Canada make sure you save this post and come back to it whenever you are ready for the process.


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