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Top 10 Jobs to Apply For In Canada

With the growth of population in Canada the job opportunities increase day by day which means the job market is changing rapidly. Lots of industries and firms are looking for workers in different sectors and the employment rate is on the high side. There are lots of jobs in Canada but as regards to this post, only the top 10 will be listed, make sure you read this post carefully as it contains lots of important information.

However it is to also note that the employment rate increases on the 10 top jobs that will be mentioned in this post. 

best jobs for administrative professionals

Accounting technician – The rate of job opportunities for accountants are high and the level at which the job is readily available because no company can work effectively without keeping accounts and financial records. It is also good to know that there are lots of companies in Canada that are looking for accountants from across the world.

Admin assistant – basically administrative jobs are high in demand in Canada and it is one of the fastest growing careers in Canada as of now, because almost all businesses and companies, even institutions, are in search for qualified administrative assistance. 

Production supervisors -the production supervisor is very important and high in demand. Hence they carry out all supervision and checks on what and how functions are being carried out in a particular company or workplace.

Mechanic engineers – this is one of the top 10 jobs in Canada because of its high in-demand. However one must be sure of the certification before applying. Being a mechanic engineer in Canada comes with a lot of responsibility at work because it is a well paid job.

Welder – report shows that over 17,000 welders are needed in Canada and it is a very high in demand job. If you are good in working with metals and its components then applying for this job will favour you. The demand cuts across Ontario and Quebec. Welders in Canada have benefited a lot from the government and that is why they are always in high demand.

Industrial electrician – you need to have a very good understanding as it regards to this job, it takes a lot to acquire the job but trust me it is high in demand in Canada, it is said to be challenging and the reward is high. The nature of this job entails safety and risk taken as it concerns electricity and maintenance and repairing of electrical facilities. 

Registered nurse – many hospitals in Canada are looking to employ registered nurses and if you are one then you should apply for this job. However the job is in high demand in Canada and its pay is very good and has a lot of benefits attached to it. Being a registered nurse in Canada takes a lot of responsibilities but it is worth it.

Web developer – if you are into tech then consider applying for any web development related job in Canada, this is because it is high in demand and its pay is very good and it requires less activist as you can as well work from home if the need be. Generally it may be remote in nature depending on the firm. You can decide to move to any specialty of your choice in web development so as to get employed once you apply.

Truck driver – there is a shortage of truck drivers in Canada and on this note the demand is high with a reasonable pay. Research shows that there is a shortage of truck drivers in Canada and the average salary is above $50,000 per year. And there are also overtime payments that come with it depending on how much overtime you wish to work for.

Pharmacist – pharmacist are in high demand in Canada and this is one of the highest paid job in Canada because it deals with human health and wellness, however you must be a certified pharmacist before you can apply for this job and there are other programs you need to partake in before you can be said to get the job secured in Canada. The demand for pharmacists will continue to grow day by day because it provides quality services to mankind.


There are many other great jobs in Canada but for the sake of the post we only mentioned the top 10 jobs. In other of our posts you might find some other jobs and make sure to read through and get familiar with them before you apply. Don’t stop applying for any of this jobs mentioned above and always keep in touch with them after you have applied for follow up and more!

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