What is WordPress Home Page?

Your WordPress front page which is your homepage is the first thing most visitors will see when they land on your site. As such, it is vital for making a good first impression.
Your websites front page will normally display your latest posts, you may want something more customized to help your most important content stand out. Fortunately, there are lots of options available on the WordPress platform which you can place on your homepage.

Users sometimes choose to use a static page as their custom home page. This can make the website feel less like a blog and more like a fully featured website. Many users will choose to do this if they want to have their blog restricted to one section of the website.

The benefits of a customized Homepage include the ability to:

  • Optimize your static content.
  • Better showcase what your site is about its mission, distinguishing features, core values, etc.
  • Add multiple strong Calls to Action (CTA) that are highly visible.

You can modify your home page is to create a regular WordPress page in your admin panel. From Settings » Reading, you can select the name of the page you just created to be your homepage. You can also choose another page contain your blog posts.

Terms used to refer to the home page are front page, main page, and main index page.

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