What is WordPress Plugins?

Plugins are programs made up of one or multiple functions that integrate with a WordPress site to enhance it with new features. WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language and integrate seamlessly with website.

There are thousands of WordPress plugins available for free at the official WordPress plugin directory, we even shared a list of all the plugins we use. Aside from free plugins, there are tons of amazing commercial ones available from third-party companies and developers.

To choose the right plugins, you should ask yourself a couple questions;

  • How long has it been since it was updated?
  • Is it compatible with the latest version of WordPress?
  • Are people getting answers to their support questions?
  • What type of rating does it have?

There is a myth that WordPress plugins slow your site down. It is not true. Only the number of bad ones will slow down your site. We have written a detailed article on how many plugins should you install.

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