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Details on What Plugins are and How they Works?

As a beginner on WordPress who just got a hosting and a domain name, you will always have this kind of thought on what plugins are all about.

Don’t panic, we will give you the full details on what plugins are and the best plugins you can install on your WordPress blogs, just follow us as we guild you on what plugins are and how they works.

What are WordPress plugins?


In a simple or beginners definition, WordPress plugins are apps installed on your WordPress site for easy navigation or setup.

This are pre-made apps for WordPress users, I mean it is already made apps created with html, CSS and java script.

There is no much difference between apps on your android phone and and plugins on your WordPress dashboard, they have the same functionality and works but different motive. WordPress plugins has more than 50000 plugins which are free to install on your WordPress site and thousands which are premium version of plugins.

There are steps to steps guide to install a WordPress plugins.

What WordPress plugin is capable of doing?

There are lots of things plugins can do on your websites, don’t let me use that whatever you what to do on your WordPress site, their is hundreds of plugins for it, just name it their is a plugin for it.

let start with what plugins can do;

  • Plugins helps you on your ecommerce website
  • Plugins helps in creating your website or blogs in less than 1hr
  • Can create a wiki website
  • Can create a downloading website like godzgeneralblog
  • Speed up your website more than Blogger platform
  • Also plugins helps you more better on SEO than blogger platform

There is no plugins you are looking for either to improve your performance, seo and speed up your website which is not available, either on free or premium version. No matter how small or big the plugin is, it has a functionality on your website.

How WordPress plugins works?

WordPress also allows developers to store data in the WordPress database.

Plugins can utilize WordPress content types, taxonomies, and custom fields which allow users to store different types of content not just post and pages, you can also read on 13 plugins you must install to have a successful website.

Each WordPress plugin installed on your site is registered in your WordPress database. You can activate and deactivate them at any time you want.

Finding the WordPress plugins

Plugins can be found either from your dashboard, installing from the computer using manual actions or FTP. Also you can find plugins from the directory area.

Note that you can only find free plugins on your WordPress dashboard. You can check our plugins categories for more details on it.

Frequently question asked on WordPress plugins

I can’t find WordPress plugin on my dashboard

Then you are using hosted account which are free, so you can’t install plugins on such website, you can read on how to get cheap hosting on your website.

Is it compulsory to get premium version of plugins?

It is not compulsory to get premium version of WordPress but if u want to prove professionalism on blogging then you need the pro version of WordPress plugins.

How many plugins can a website have?

You can have as much as plugins you want, like Wpressbeginner we have just 10 -13 plugins on our website. You can have 20 and even as low as 7 it is how you manage your website.

We hope this article helped you learn What Plugins are and How they Works. You may also want to see our guide on how to install SSL certificate. If you have any issue on this, you can use our comment session or join our delegate on Facebook to solve any issues related to WordPress and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials.

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