What’s Coming in WordPress 5.7

What to Expect in WordPress 5.7 Updates (Features)

The latest WordPress 5.7 version will be out soon but the sign and things to expect for the next WordPress latest version 5.7 beta has been revealed. The latest WordPress beta v5.7 which is scheduled to be released on May 11th 2021 will be the first major release of the year and comes with some new features and improvements.

So we will show you what’s coming in WordPress 5.7 with features and some improvements. WordPress 5.7 latest version is under development and some features can still change and may not make it into the final release.

Improvements to expect in WordPress V 5.7


There are lots of improvements to expect int the next WordPress updates such as

Drag and Drop Blocks from Inserter

WordPress 5.7 will allow you to simply drag and drop a block from the ‘Add new block’ (+) inserter into your content area using Gutenberg editor. This way you can choose where to place a block before you drop it on the post canvas.

Block Variations Can Now Have Their Own Descriptions

WordPress 5.7 will now show descriptions for block variations. The social icons block has Facebook, Twitter, and other social icons. You can view them in the block inspector with a preview.

Improved Buttons

WordPress 5.7 will introduce vertical alignment for buttons in the block editor. Users will also be able to choose from a preset percentage width for their buttons.

Full-height Blocks Coming in WordPress 5.7

Do you like using the full-width blocks for cover, columns, and group blocks? This allows you to create visually stunning layouts. WordPress 5.7.1 will now allow you to create full-height blocks too.

Easier Migration from HTTP to HTTPS

WordPress 5.7 will make it easier to migrate your website to HTTPs. It will show the availability of HTTPS in the site health menu as a critical issue.

Standardized WP-Admin Color Palette

WordPress 5.7 will also standardize the wp-admin color palette. Basically, WordPress uses Sass to generate CSS files on the fly.

WordPress came with a limited set of color schemes and introducing new color schemes was hard as developers had to deal with Sass variable-based system.

New Robots API

WordPress 5.7 will introduce a new Robots API. This API will allow developers to programmatically control and update the robots meta tag on a website.

Robots meta tag allows you to tell search engine bots how to crawl and index a website. This can be achieved by adding a robots.txt file to your site’s root folder or by using the robots meta tag.

Lazy Loading iFrames

WordPress 5.7 will automatically add lazy load to iframe embeds. Lazy Loading is a technique used to improve website speed during a page load. It basically tells the user’s browser to load an item when it is viewed.

WordPress already uses lazy loading for images by default since WordPress 5.6.

This means all embeds that use iframes, such as YouTube videos, will use lazy loading to improve your page load speeds.

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