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What is WordPress Admin Area {Beginner’s Guide}

Do you wish to understand what WordPress Admin Area is all about?

It is not really bad if we start with different definition of WordPress tools or area on your website. If we ask even WordPress professionals what is Admin Area, they don’t know but they will show you what it is. But on WpressBeginner, we will show and teach you everything about WordPress.

What is WordPress Admin Area

Let start with Admin.

Admin is the activity or process of organizing an institution or organization. That is where everything start from, likewise WordPress, that is where you start from after login to your WordPress dashboard. You can’t just jump from somewhere, you start from WordPress admin area.

It can be accessed by visiting the wp-admin directory in your web browser. Example: http://www.sitename.com/wp-admin/

Not all site users have access, users with other roles such as editor, contributor, or author have limited access to the admin area. Each administration screen has a toolbar or admin bar at the top which provides access to several administrative functions. Also, on the left side is the main navigation that provides access to most of the WordPress management tools. With major section typically comes with a sub-menu that can fly out and expand to show extra options.

What is WordPress Administrator

Administrator is a user role in WordPress. When a user installs WordPress, it creates a new user with the username and password defined during the installation.

The first User is the administrator, basically the owner of the site. The administrator has the power to remove and add users. Administrator is the only user role that has the ability to upgrade a WordPress blog. They can change themes and edit core WordPress files by using the built in theme editor. They also have the ability to add, delete, and modify any plugins on the the site in the same way.

What is WordPress Administration Screen

Administration Screens have a horizontal menu bar on top and vertical menu bar on the left side. The top bar or the admin bar has quick links to different administration and user tasks. The top bar contains summary information for things like comments and may show useful links from installed plugins, along with the sitename and link to homepage.

There are little thing users can do on the admin screen, Apart from writing content, users can control just about every aspect of WordPress short of editing PHP Code, Users can also edit template files and the CSS code for the website’s template to adjust things like fonts, colors, and other formatting options found in template files.

I think we have touch everything on admin area, If you have any issue on this, you can use our comment session or join our delegate on facebook to solve any issues related to WordPress and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials.

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