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Which one you should go for Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Many young beginners have issues on distinguishing between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, you can even ask some beginners that what did you host your website on, he or she will reply by saying WordPress but still they don’t understand or know that their are two different WordPress. I heard an issue from a pal that he gave his website to an expert and he loves the website but he notice that he can’t install plugins on that website. I smile and I told him what am going to explain now.

What is WordPress?


Either you are using WordPress.com or WordPress.org, it has only one definition and is, it is an open-source content management system (CMS) that makes it easy to create and manage a website. It is the most popular CMS in the world. Millions of business owners, bloggers, and publishers use WordPress every day to maintain their online presence, and we have for you the comprehensive guild on how to detect the free version of WordPress and self hosted account of WordPress.

WordPress.com against WordPress.org

MaintananceYou take care of your website yourself, you are responsible for the maintenance of your websiteYou don’t need to bother so much, its a free version of WordPress, they take care and maintain it for you even if you are not online.
pluginsUnlimited plugins available for you, just install and activate,you can even install from your computer into your website with the use of FTP.No plugins available, the free hosting provides you with a little plugins which is inbuilt like jetpack, you don’t have full power of your website.
MonetizationYou have the freedom to monetize your WordPress blog with any advertising company such as AdSense, Media Net and any other affiliated marketingYou don’t have the freedom to advertise on your website using this platform, unless you upgrade.
Search Engine OptimizationYou have the freedom to optimize your post as you want, anyway how, we have for you step by step guide for SEO for beginners.Limited tools to optimize your content for SEO
Online StoresFree to create any form of online stores.You can’t create a ecommerce store which means you can’t buy and sell on your blog
Hosting renewedYou are to renew your hosting anytime any day, You will have to get that from your hosting company. There are ways to get a blogging platform.It is free, no hosting renewer, no fee, it is free of charge
ThemesYou can use any theme, either custom, free and edited themes. You have the full access to all themes you want.Limited to free themes, you can’t install neither you can download premium themes into your site
BrandYou have the power to edit your brand. Below your website you might see “powered by your blog name”, you can check our website below Powered by wpressbeginneryou don’t have the ability to change your brand, it is always Powered by WordPress
and many moreThere might be more in the future so stay with usYes many more differences

Summary of WordPress.org and WordPress.com

On WordPress.org, you have the freedom to do whatever you want as long as you are connected to your hosting platform. Ability to build suitable website with different plugins, themes with suitable advertising company while WordPress.com has limited access to all this unless you upgrade to premium version of it.

You can customize your website design as needed. You can add any free or premium WordPress theme that you want. You can also create completely custom designs or modify anything even use all the themes on WordPress.com, that you want on WordPress.org.

On WordPress.com, It’s free for up to 3GB of space. After that you will have to switch to a paid plan for more space. (Personal plan $48 /year gives you 6GB, Premium plan $96/year gives you 13GB storage, or Business plan for $300/year for 200 GB storage).

On WordPress.com you don’t need to bother yourself on backups, wordpress.com does that the self not like wordpress.org which you would have to set it manually.

Frequently Question ask On WordPress.org and WordPress.com

Which one is better between wordpress.com and wordpress.com

If it is business and want to make money through it then you should go for wordpress.org but if it is for fun and personal then wordpress.com is preferable.

So I can’t make money through wordpress.com

No, you can make cool cash but it is limited, it has limited affiliated links you can make Money from

Which one will you advise beginners to use

I will advice young bloggers to use wordpress.com to know and learn more before moving to wordpress.org, but if you want to have access to all plugins and themes then use self hosting.


I think wpressbeginner has touch all aspect of wordpress.com and wordpress.org, and you should be good to decide what hosting you want either free or paid hosting. You can read on how to start a successful blog using wordpress.

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