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WWW vs non-WWW – Which is Better For WordPress SEO?

Do you want to know which one is better between WWW and non-WWW for SEO and weather they should change their site URLs?

So we will help you understand the difference between www vs non-www and which one is better for WordPress SEO.

What is WWW?

WWW commonly known as World Wide Web is an interconnected system of public webpages accessible through the Internet. The Web is not the same as the Internet: the Web is one of many applications built on top of the Internet.

For an average user and small business owner, there is absolutely no difference between www vs non-www. It’s completely a personal preference.

Benefit of using WWW or non-WWW

There are absolutely no SEO benefits of choosing one over another. Even Google has said that it all depends on your preference.

What’s important is that you stay consistent with the one that you chose at the time of starting your website.

If you’re using Rank Math SEO plugin, it will automatically set canonical URL in your site header which will let Google know of your personal preference.

Before you even consider asking, yes we’re not using www on Wpress beginner site, but that was a personal preference. On our other sites such as godzgeneralblog.com, we use www.

It’s just a personal preference, that’s it.

Technical Difference between WWW vs non-WWW

When you add www. in front of a site, it acts as a hostname which can help with flexibility with DNS, ability to restrict cookies when using multiple subdomains, and more. Whereas non-WWW domains also referred as naked domains do not have a technical advantage.

For full technical explanation and details, refer to this article on Why use www?

We hope this article helped clear any confusion between WWW vs non-WWW for your site URL. For more SEO tips, see our ultimate guide to WordPress SEO.

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